Apparel Fabrics

Our fabric collection is created in our design studio in the heart of Scotland, where the designers take inspiration from the ever-changing splendour of the Scottish landscape to create traditional and contemporary fabrics.

Using only the finest natural fibres, sourced from the world’s leading yarn spinners we are committed to pushing the boundaries of design and colour with new and exciting yarns each season. With an emphasis on quality, sustainability and traceability of yarns, our passion is to create beautiful, exciting and relevant fabrics working closely with our finishers to bring these designs to life.

Whitehill & Wilsons’s manufacture fully in Scotland, with our weaving mill nestled in the spectacular Scottish Highlands. Using time honoured techniques passed down through generations, our highly skilled craftsmen and women use their expertise to weave fabrics of the highest quality with care and great attention to detail. This can be seen throughout our luxury collection of Stock Supported and Made to Order apparel fabrics.